K-Pop star's weight loss causes concern

Monday, July 17, 2017
The China Post with The Korea Herald/ANN

Wendy of Red Velvet has caught the attention of fans for her recent weight loss during an appearance on “Show Champion!” on Wednesday.

Netizens and fans have been expressing their concern over Wendy's new body size, as photos of the singer captured while performing on the show have started to go viral on social media. Netizens pointed out that they could even see the singer's rib bones in the photos.

It has also been claimed that Wendy got thinner and thinner each time Red Velvet has made a comeback.

One of netizens commented on the photo, “I liked it when Wendy was chubbier. I hope she doesn't' get stressed out for her body weight.”

Another also wrote, “Dancing must take up a lot of energy. How can she even dance with such a skinny body? I'm worried that she might have a health problem.”

Wendy once has expressed concerns over her body while appearing on a variety show, saying, “I've tried every diet plan to lose weight. I think I'm always on a diet.”

The popular entertainment industry in Korea is notoriously competitive. It generally takes years for tough training before an artist can be debuted. Yet dozens of new artists or groups are introduced to the market each year, creating intense pressure for the artists in the field and their need to maintaining their appeal, including their physical attractiveness. Some resorted to cosmetic surgeries while others hold a strict diet regime in order to look slim on screen.

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