Wednesday, September 6, 2017
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We've had glitter boobs, bottoms and even glitter for your vagina but now beauty buffs have found a new place to sparkle up – their tongues.


In a quest to cover absolutely every part of their bodies in the stuff, the hot new trend involves dunking your tongue in brightly-colored glitter to create the ultimate Insta-worthy shot.


Interestingly, the over-the-top trend actually started out as a bit of an accident.


Australian make-up artist Jacinta Vukovic accidentally instigated the glitter tongue when some sparkles mistakenly ended up on her tongue during the creation of a dazzling lip look.


"I thought I would embrace it and make it the main focus," she wrote on Instagram.


Since then, the trend has gone viral with fellow make-up artists and glitter enthusiasts attempting to recreate the glitzy mouth look.


While it all sounds like a bit of harmless fun, concerns are growing that the trend could be causing health problems. Although swallowing small amounts of glitter won't kill you, it can cause problems with digestion, trigger stomach aches and even blockages.


On a larger scale, glitter is also bad for the environment. It's made up of micro plastics which can leech chemicals and harbor dangerous bacteria that gets into our water and food supply.


If you do fancy giving the glitter tongue a go, we suggest opting for edible glitter like the stuff used in cake decorating or opting for a product that labels itself as non-toxic.


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